Saturday, July 11, 2009

Liebe Schwester

The other day I came across a very old wedding invitation as I was sorting out some files. It was from one of the sisters from the mission days, her name was Sister Brown. We had been in the LTM together for part of our stays there, she was about a month ahead of me. Then during the mission, we were never companions but we had companions we shared. Plus since there were so few of us sisters, we became really close and had very wonderful relationships. So I decided to look her up on Facebook now that I had her married name again. Anyway, it was really slick, she came right up, with a picture, and I knew I had the right person. So I emailed her, and we have been messaging back and forth. The thing I remember most about her is her beautiful singing voice. She used to sing all the time for firesides and sacrament meetings, and it was truly a spiritual feast to hear her. So for some reason I had a long lost memory return to me about her that I had to share with her. About 3 months before she went home, she and I swapped cities. She came to Moenchengladbach and I went to Duesseldorf. There was a newly baptized sister in Moenchengladbach that I was corresponding with from Dudo (I have it on good authority that the cool people now call Duesseldorf "Dudo"), and she wrote me a letter after a sacrament meeting performance by Sister Brown. She wrote among other things, "Sie singt wie ein Engel, und dass ist wahr." I hope it made Sister Brown happy, I think that it did. Oh how precious those memories are to me of the hardest yet happy days in the mission in Germany. Meine Schwester, ich liebe dich.

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  1. I love this story. Why don't you ever tell me more stories like this! Achtun! Achtun! (sp?).